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Tomorrow is finally Friday. I may survive this school year after all. It would probably be good for everyone involved if I started going to bed before 1:00 a.m., however, which I haven't done since school started. I think I may have actually been going to sleep earlier when it was still summer.

Also I have actually done my homework the day before it is due. This is not exactly a big deal for most people but as I am a chronic homework not-doer I am quite proud of myself. Of course, the year during which I decide that perhaps doing my homework would be a good idea is also the year during which the most homework will be assigned, but such is life.

Good-night, mes furry amies.
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Ugh. I just got home. Had to collapse immediately into bed. Every part of my body aches and I feel so worn out it's a wonder I can type.

Do you ever have the feeling that maybe, if you'd held onto summer harder, that school wouldn't have had to start?
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I finished reading The Hot Zone today. It was horrifying and disgusting and so many other adjectives involving me feeling sick to my stomach. However, it was also kind of enthralling and really hard to put down, and I finished it in less than two days. Surprisingly, the book didn't give me the nightmares last night that I had anticipated. Maybe they'll come tonight, but I can only hope not. Nightmares have the tendency to haunt me for a long time.

Anyway, that leaves four books left for me to read by Tuesday. Hooray!

Going to open house at school yesterday was weird. It seemed like no time has passed since I've walked up and down in those hallways, and I realized that everything and nothing has happened this summer. That sounds really gay. Whatever. I still need a job. I applied at Baker's Pride and they never called me back. I went to Two Smart Cookies and they aren't hiring. The thing is, I'm applying to the Culinary Institute of America this fall, and to get in (not to apply or be accepted, but by the time you actually go) you need at least six months of experience in an environment where at least 50% of the food is made on-site. Since I want to go into pastry I figured working at a bakery would be the perfect experience but bakeries are limited and don't want me.

On a related note, I'm starting a small dessert business-y thing. Basically I want to sell cakes/cookies/doughnuts/whatever for people's occasions. Check out thesugarpixie. There's not much on it now, but it'll be updated with more information soon.

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I don't think I've ever been more eager for the seasons to change in my life.

I want FALL. I want temperatures in the 60's, yellow leaves, crunchy grass, cool breezes, sweaters, dark nail polish, chilly nights, and early sunsets.

I'm so tired of getting sweaty walking from my front door to the car and then burning my hands on the steering wheel. I'm tired of not being able to go downtown without fear of certain heatstroke. I'm tired of it being so HOT.

Get me out of here.

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I don't want school to start.
Except I do.
Except I don't.

Mostly I don't. I still have to read about sixty seven more books and write eighteen essays about them, followed by approximately one million questions to follow. I really never understood why it was necessary to extract every last bit of information from a book and analyze it to death. This just makes me and every other student despise the book we're doing it to. The Kitchen Boy, for instance. I really liked that! I truly did. However, I know once I have to go back and look for meaningless trivia about what the underlying meaning was of what Character A said to Character B after Situation C, or how the relationship between Character Q and Character X symbolized the author's stance on euthanasia (or youth in Asia) or WHAT THE FUCK EVER.

I'm going school supply shopping with my mother today. I'm also going to get some shoes. THE SHOES. I had been imagining in my head what I wanted the shoes I wear to school to look like, and then I found THEM at Target. It was an amazing experience, shoewise.

I may go back to sleep now.

P.S. I've completely redone my journal layout. I'm quite pleased with the results. Clicky and see.
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(no subject)

A little bit of hell just arrived in the mail:

First Period: Sociology - Pynn
Second Period: Current Issues - Adcock
Third Period: Writing Workshop - Stahl
Fourth Period: Video - Beringson
Fifth Period: Trigonometry - Robinson
Sixth Period: AP European History - Adcock
Seventh Period: AP Literature - Sutlive
Eighth Period: AP Environmental Science - Hicks.